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Working at the Rec Students playing ice hockey

Looking for a fun, relaxed, and flexible job this next school year? WORK AT THE REC. Recreation Services has an (almost) unlimited amount of employment opportunities that are suitable to everyone. Whether you’re just looking for a few hours a week or more, the Rec allows you to work up to 20 hours a week during the school year. Another great thing? The Rec understands that school comes first. Interested yet? Here’s a list of all the areas that are open for employment at State, Lied, and Beyer.


Our many facilities positions are instrumental to the everyday operations as Recreation Services. Our facilities staff responsibilities include cleaning equipment and facility, enforcing building policies and procedures, recording participation counts and building rounds, submitting equipment maintenance reports, and activating the emergency action plan. To view our different facilities positions check out our website here.


Lifeguard- the lifeguards work at State and Beyer pools and are responsible for the overall safety of all swimmers. All lifeguards must be certified in Lifeguarding, First Aid, & CPR/AED-PR.

Turf Management & Maintenance

Turf Management Assistants are responsible for this job include managing all the outdoor facilities. Whether it’s picking up trash, edging, repairing fences, this job is in charge of it all. Check out our blog post on Brent Cunningham and Turf Management for more information on this great position!

Intramural Sports

Working as an Intramural Sports Referee includes attending training sessions, facilitating and enforcing policies and procedures, working with equipment, and much more. If you’re a big sports fanatic, then this may be the job for you!

Fitness Program

Group Fitness Instructor- if you love leading and instructing fitness classes then don’t hesitate to apply. As an instructor, not only will you be leading classes but will also organizing classes as well as choreographing them. Fitness Instructors must complete the Learn To Teach program, which begins each semester.

Personal Trainer- this job entails working with clients in order to improve their overall health and fitness lifestyle. Whether it’s working with one individual or smaller sessions, personal trainers will be responsible for preparing workouts for their clients. All personal trainers must first complete the personal training program that begins each semester.

Outdoor Recreation Program

Equipment Supervisor- this job is located in State Gym. Responsibilities for this position include equipment checkout, maintenance repairs, trip/workshop registration, any many more.

Climbing Wall Attendant- this position is responsible for overseeing the climbing wall during all hours of the day. Other responsibilities will include handling equipment, enforcing policies and procedures, and attendance management. Wall attendants must have a belay card through Iowa State University’s Outdoor Recreation Program and be CPR/AED/first-aid certified.

Working at Recreation Services means being apart of the fitness family. The Rec hires over 500 students each year in all different areas. Students are encouraged to apply by August 1st for Fall semester employment and November 1st for Spring semester employment. For more information on jobs, job descriptions, who to contact, and how to apply, make sure to check out our website!