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Women* Climb Nights are Back!

Last semester’s Women* Climb Nights were such a big hit, we decided to have a few this semester as well! Our official Women* Climb Nights for the Spring 2023 semester are February 22nd, March 8th, and April 19th. All climb nights are drop-in/come-and-go experiences from 4 pm – 7 pm.

The purpose of Women* Climb Nights is to allow individuals who identify as women* to have a space to engage with other women* to experience and explore the male-dominated sport that climbing is.

Why do we say women* instead of women? We want to open this night to anyone who identifies as a woman or genderqueer. This includes women who are cisgender, trans, or of trans experience. We also extend this night to individuals who are non-binary or any other gender identity who seek this type of community! At Rec Services, we understand that gender can be a complex subject and we want to welcome members from our community that identify as a woman, genderqueer, or belong to these groups.

Individuals who attended these events have many positive things to say:

“I had wanted to try climbing before but was nervous to go. The climb night allowed for a safe space to try something new.”

“It allowed me a chance to be able to start climbing in a place that I felt secure enough to do so in, and it gave me enough confidence in myself that I ended up going back by myself the next night after dinner to use the climbing walls again, and I plan on doing so more often.”

“I think there are a lot of things like climbing that women* are scared or feel uncomfortable doing, or it may feel out of their element. Events like Women* Climb Night are really inviting and feel safe and inclusive.”

“The gym and climbing can be intimidating to people (especially females) and I think this was a great event to offer for those who may be nervous to try these things.”

If you are interested in these events, come stop by! We’d love to have you there, no matter your skill level. If you have further questions, please contact Adventure Program Coordinator, Johnna Ragland at