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What It’s Like To Work For Recreation Services Recreation Services

Hello all Iowa Staters! I hope that summer is going well and things are looking up. I know we talk a lot about ways to get involved with Recreation Services, but we have never touched on what it’s like to work for them. Well, I am here to change that! Although I haven’t worked with Recreation Services for very long, I’ve quickly fallen in love with my job, the other staff, and the fun we all have together.

I am working with the Marketing Team at Recreation Services this summer. We are in charge of all the advertising, social media posts, blogs, flyers, posters, and TV displays you see around State, Beyer, Lied, and throughout campus. This summer there are four students, one grad student, and one full-time professional staff member overseeing us. Our super secret marketing lair is located in Beyer, right down the hall from the Intramurals office where you pick up your shirts and next to Gymnastics.

Every one of the marketing students on staff has a different role to play this summer. My job includes social media analytics, scheduling Facebook posts, writing and editing blogs, tracking website views and clicks, and ensuring the facility flyers and displays are up to date. Whew! It seems like a lot to do, but thankfully the marketing staff is excellent at helping each other out!

That leads me to the second reason I love my job, the community at Recreation Services. All of the student staff, from building supervisors to intramural referees and facilities staff, is amazing. Everyone is friendly and outgoing. Even if I don’t know everyone’s names yet, every staff member is quick to lend a helping hand or a dazzling smile.

Finally, my favorite part of my job is the fun we have together. In our secret marketing hideout, we have so many laughs and jokes between us while we are working to meet deadlines. We are laid back and relaxed in the workplace, which allows us to thrive in our positions and learn a ton of new things.

If this sounds like an environment, you would love to be a part of, check out our website under the employment tab. While there may not be an opening currently in the marketing department (sorry everyone), we are always looking for more people to add to our Recreation Services family! Reach out to us and see what’s available! Hope to see you around soon!