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What it’s like to attend a group fit class

The very first time I went to a Group Fitness class, I made my friend go with me. I wanted to go to Jump Fitness, and there was no way I was going alone. We were actually a few minutes late if I’m being completely honest.  But to my surprise, that didn’t stop the instructor from welcoming us in. My friend and I quickly set our stuff down and grabbed the equipment needed for the class, eager to jump right in.

That first class was amazing. Everyone was welcoming, which created a relaxed and fun environment. I didn’t feel like I was being judged and that’s what I loved the most. I could get a good workout in and I didn’t even have to write a workout plan. Jump Fitness uses a fitness trampoline and other strength equipment to give you a great, full-body workout. Attending this class was a blast, I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Jump Fitness made me want to try even more classes, and the next ones on my list were Bootcamp, Cardio Circuit, and Cycling. I would recommend these classes to everyone. Bootcamp is level III class that focuses on doing a routine of exercises to work your legs, arms, glutes, abs, and more. Cardio Circuit (or Cyclone Circuit in the summer) is also a level III class that focuses on doing functional movements for everyday life. It’s a fun and fast-paced class that will have you doing exercises anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, rotating through each station until the whole circuit is done. Lastly, Cycling (or Cycle Fit) focuses on endurance and body strength in order to improve your individual fitness level.

Group Fitness offers a variety of different classes during the fall, spring, and summer. Classes range from beginner to advanced, as everyone is encouraged to try one! Register online within 72 hours from the time of your class. Then all you have to do is show up, swipe your card, and get ready to have some fun. For more information on classes offered during the summer and to register, click here!