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The Best Headphones for Working Out isolated ear pods

Listening to music or a podcast is an easy way to get you through a workout. Almost everybody you see in the gym has earbuds or headphones on while they’re working out. If you’re like me, you want to have the best sound quality while keeping things affordable. But what brand should you get? Is it better to have earbuds or headphones? I’m going to walk you through a few recommendations based on my personal experience!

True Wireless:

A new fad of earbuds, especially in the fitness scene, are ‘true wireless’ earbuds. The most well-known example is Apple’s Airpods. True wireless earbuds are those that are completely wire free – each ear is a separate device that is not connected to the other with a wire. These have the bonus of mobility but do come with some drawbacks. True wireless earbuds have been known to have connectivity issues – one ear may be connected while one isn’t, the range for connection may not be great, etc. Battery life on true wireless earbuds is also very low compared to traditional Bluetooth earbuds.


A cheaper and more battery efficient option is traditional Bluetooth earbuds. These will generally have one wire connecting the two earbuds, but will still connect to your phone wirelessly. There are a lot of great options for athletic earbuds in this style and some are very cost efficient.

On-ear and Over-ear:

On-ear and over-ear headphones aren’t for everyone when it comes to working out. Some people may find them bulky or uncomfortable when working out. However, if you don’t want to sacrifice sound quality, these are the way to go. I’ll be recommending wireless here as well.

Hopefully this gives you some helpful insight on which headphones might be best for you! We hope to see you at one of our facilities putting these to use soon!