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How to Survive the New Years ‘Gympocalypse’

Tired of those New Year’s resolutions getting in the way of your workout? Or are you tired of the lines for the racks?

We get it. The gym can be busy at times and throw off your workout plan, whether you’re on a tight schedule or you want a quick-paced workout. We’re here to help you by providing your with a brief overview of common busy hours at the gym and how to avoid those lines!

The beginning of each year fills some with infinite workout possibilities and visions. For others, it fills them with dread of the threat of busy gyms. Yes, it’s Resolution Season, a spike in gym attendance and workout regimens. For the regulars, it can be a minor annoyance in their schedule. This phenomenon is no stranger to Iowa State Recreation Services, so get in the know of the best times to come get a workout in… and by best, we mean the least busy. By the number of swipes into our facilities, we can tell you the busiest times at our gyms to help you plan your workouts more accordingly.

So what are the busiest times? As you may have guessed, the busiest times at the gym are at night, specifically during the times 3pm-9pm. Though we can only guess why this is, it’s safe to say these are the busiest times for students and staff as most are done with class or work for the day. So if can, it’s best to avoid evenings. If you can’t, plan to be in the gym longer than expected as others will be using the same equipment as you.

On the flip side, when are the gyms the least busy? Generally, any time between 7am-3pm, with the 7am-11am time being the least busy. So if your schedule allows free time during these hours, this will ensure you a quick and uninterrupted workout.

However, we have many amenities at Recreation Services to cater to all patrons and different types of workouts, so the rack isn’t your only friend. Check out our other amenities if the gym is busy, like our basketball courts, climbing and bouldering walls, indoor pool, indoor tracks, and more! Get more out of your workout with these activities while you wait for others to finish their workouts.