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Student Spotlight: Samuel Pape Spotlight bio Samuel Pape

Have you ever been flipping through the channels on your TV and stopped on the channel showing big strong guys throwing kegs and lifting stones? Well did you know that here at Iowa State we have our very own? Samuel Pape just finished up his sophomore year here at Iowa State and he is very active in the Weight Club. Between his freshman and sophomore year, he qualified for Strongman Corp Nationals in St. Louis for the Men’s open 198 pound weight class. With some help from the Sports Club council, Samuel was able to compete in this event where he placed 2nd nationally and qualified for the Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships in Columbus, Ohio at the Arnold Classic. This is a goal Samuel had ever since he started strength training. It was something he thought would take a decade to accomplish, but he did it in 2 years! Not only did he do it in 2 years, but without any age divisions, Samuel was competing against people 25-40 years old when he was just 19. Samuel, a mechanical engineering major, decided to come to Iowa State because of the engineering program and the close proximity to his home in Cedar Rapids. When he’s not lifting weights, Samuel enjoys going to stand up comedy shows, but the Weight Club is Samuel’s favorite part about Iowa State. He currently serves as the membership director and plans to carry that on next year.

“The club provides me with the equipment and the environment that I needed to accomplish my goals and what I have done”.

Rec Services is so proud of our Sports Clubs and the amazing participants like Samuel!

Samuel Pape on the far left