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Staff Spot[ify]light with Elizabeth S.

Welcome to our first Staff Spot[ify]light! This is the first of many where we will highlight the students and professional staff members of Recreation Services. Our employees are active in the many program areas that we offer and they all have certain playlists and songs that they listen to when they’re doing anything like running, climbing, cycling, lifting and anything else!

This week, we sat down with Elizabeth Sterenberg, one of Recreation Services’ Head Supervisor of Facilities. Many of you may have seen her sitting at the front desk of State Gym helping with your questions and checking you in. When Elizabeth is not at work, she’s taking classes as a fifth-year student, majoring in both Kinesiology and Health and minoring in Sports and Recreation. We wanted to take a peek into what kind of music gets her excited to work out and which songs she always comes back to.

How long have you worked for Recreation Services and what do you like about working here?
Four years in August because I started as a freshman. I like the atmosphere working here. Most of my friends work at rs, pretty much all of them. They’re easy to get along with and hang out with. And the department itself is really beneficial for what I’m looking to do and has opened a lot of doors in my field. Especially with my leadership position as Head Supervisor.

How often are you at the gym outside of work:
I work out three times a week and play volleyball twice a week with friends and coworkers.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re exercising at the gym:
I do a lot of HIIT training and a lot of free weights. It depends on the day because I really like to focus on certain body groups, but I primarily like to do legs. Legs and back are my favorite.

My cardio consists of sprints on the bicycle.

What type of music do you like to listen to?
I listen to this playlist a lot. It’s an “EMO” playlist, but it’s just punk rock music.

Why do you choose to listen to this type of music?
I enjoy listening to punk rock, because of its catchy and upbeat rhythms. There is also meaning to the lyrics with how expressive and emotional it is. I think most of us can remember back to our middle school years jamming to these songs. Overall this playlist keeps me going throughout my workouts.

What’s one song you can’t get tired of:
Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

Check out her playlist below!