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Spotify gets even better

Wait a minute… there are more playlists on Rec Services Spotify? Oh ya, you heard us right. There are three new playlists to fit all your workout needs. Check out these excellent additions here or under the ISU Rec Services account! Or just keep reading for more information on each fantastic playlist!


This playlist is made for pumping out those reps. Featuring heavy metal tunes with rocking electric guitar solos, this playlist has everything you need to crush leg day and any other workout on the docket.

You Go Girl

Of course, we need a girl power playlist, made by ladies for the empowerment of all. Now, these songs are not your cliché womanizer songs. They are under the radar, influential, and game-changing tunes. While you might not have heard of them before this moment in time, they will quickly become favorites.

Drop It

This playlist is filled to the brim with electric beats, bass drops, and energizing songs. These beats allow your workout rhythm to thrive, making your workouts that much more powerful. Go get ‘em, friends.

As always, please message us on any of our social media platforms (like our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) and let us know your playlist ideas, song additions, or anything else that pops into your brain. We love to hear from you!