Swim Club at ISU

Iowa State University Swim Club (ISUSC) provides a structured environment for male and female students to practice swimming as a team. We reach our goal of physical and mental fitness by training in and out of the pool multiple times a week. We work on all strokes at a variety of distances. Most importantly we have fun doing it!


Roster Size: 40

Swim Practice Times: Contact officers for Fall practice times once semester begins.

Swim Practice Location: Beyer Hall Pool

Governing Body: College Club Swimming

League: Central Region

Regular Opponents: K-State Swim Club, University of Minnesota Swim Club, University of Wisconsin Swim Club


Officer Contact Information:

President – Carson Copple – copplec@iastate.edu

Vice President – Braden Clarke – bc918@iastate.edu

Treasurer – Ryen Jennings – ryenj@iastate.edu

Adviser – Reuben Peters – rjpeters@iastate.edu

How to Join

Join on the Student Org website and contact the team by emailing isuswimclub@gmail.com


Connect with Us:

Twitter: @isuswimclub

Instagram: @isuswimclub

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