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The Sport Clubs program at Iowa State University is designed to serve individual interests in different Sport Club activities. Each club elects one person to serve as a representative to the Sport Club Council. The council meets approximately 5 times per semester and deals primarily with budget decisions, Sport Club promotion, discipline, administrative policies, and scheduling home events.

2022-2023 SCC Exec Board

President – Amanda Kocialkowski –

Vice-President (Finances) – Abbey Bolt –

Vice-President – Nick Lakose –

Sport Clubs Program Assistant – Michael Turner –

Past President – Nathan Proffitt –

Advisor – Nathan Pick –

Sport Club Council Office
1180 State Gym
2642 Union Dr.
Ames, IA 50011

c/o Nathan Pick

SCC Meeting Dates for Fall 2023 (all held in 1213 Hoover Hall at 5:30pm):



Below is a library of forms, waivers and policies for all Recreation Services Sport Clubs.

If you need further guidance, please contact Nathan Pick with the information listed below:

Nathan Pick
Senior Assistant Director, Sport Programs
Recreation Services


The SCC goes through it’s annual budgeting cycle each year in February. Each Sport Club is required to be represented throughout the entire budget hearing meeting in order to receive funding each year. The date and location of this meeting will be determined later in the Fall semester.


If you are hosting a home event, game, match, tournament, etc., the first step is to email the Senior Coordinator to check availability and reserve the facility space (gym, indoor space, outdoor field, etc.) After that has been confirmed, then enter the activity into the Event Authorization System linked here.
At that point the Event Authorization Committee will assess the activity and follow-up with your club as needed. Once approved, the Student Organization Safety Coordinator in Risk Management will email you waivers for all outside participants to sign on the day of the event. Those are then returned back to Risk Management afterwards located in 3618 of the Administrative Services Building, north of central campus near Frederiksen Court.


Register ALL club travel in the Travel Authorization site linked here.


Athletic Trainer Funding Assistance Application

Disciplinary Policies

Emergency Protocol

Equipment Audit Form (due by 10/15)

Event Authorization Site (due 5 days in advance of any club activity)

Health & Safety Officers – Request For Additional

Injury Report Form (due within 24 hours of injury occurrence)

Post-Event Report Form

Pre-Activity Health & Safety Checklist (due before any club activity begins)

Sexual Assault Policy

Sexual Misconduct & Sexual Assault Resources

Sexual Misconduct Policy

Sport Clubs Council Constitution

Sport Clubs Manual

Student Engagement @ the Memorial Union

Trademark Flow Chart

Transgender Participation Policy

Travel Authorization Site

Travel (Nationals) Funding Request

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