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Equestrian (Hunt) Club at ISU

The Iowa State Equestrian Hunt Team is focused on teaching the skill of of Hunt (English) style horseback riding and allowing it’s members to grow and compete in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association with surrounding schools. The purpose of this organization is to promote the sport and discipline associated with competitive English riding. Individuals who have a passion for horses and want to learn the sport are welcome!

Roster Size: 16

Practice Times: Lessons are held weekly for an hour. Weekly times are determined by Coach Elizabeth

Practice Location: Stagecoach Stables

Governing Body: Intercollegiate Horse Show Association

League: Zone 7, Region 4

Regular Opponents: Notre Dame, UW Madison, UW Milwaukee, UW Plattville, UW LaCrosse, Augustana College, Purdue North Western, Northwestern


Officer Contact Information:

President – Megan Giese – mgiese@iastate.edu

Vice President – Samantha Vazzano – svazzano@iastate.edu

Treasurer – Bibiana Granadillo – bibianag@iastate.edu

Secretary – Anastasia Siebrecht – asiebrec@iastate.edu

Fundraising and Social Chair – Molly Gustafson – mollyg@iastate.edu

How to Join

Send an email to the club President to get on the mailing list.


Connect with Us:

Facebook: ISU Hunt Team

Twitter: @isuhuntteam

Instagram: @isuhuntteam

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