Small Group Training

Small Group Training

Small group training classes are individualized fitness sessions held in a group setting that allow for more specialized attention from the instructor. The instructor will design a progressive program based on the needs of the class participants. Class sizes will be kept to 12 participants or less. We offer beginner through advanced opportunities.

Sessions run for 6 weeks and meet twice a week for a total of 12 classes per session. SGT is an affordable option with certified instructors too good to pass up! See session dates and registration below.

Registration Fees:
Students $60 ($5/class)
Members $75 ($6.25/class)
Non-Members $120 ($10/class)

Students and Faculty/Staff – you can charge the small group training registration fee to your UBill. For this option please complete this form.

For questions please contact Muriel Hyndman, Fitness Coordinator,

Small Group Training Sessions for Fall 2022: 

Class Descriptions

Functional Training Fundamentals – Register

An introductory class for those interested in functional resistance training. The goal of functional training is to strengthen the body for activities performed in daily life and help you move and perform better in everyday activities. This class will get you comfortable with the five primary movement patterns of the body and then move into using functional training equipment such as medicine balls, kettlebells, suspension trainers, battle ropes, sandbells, and more. This is a great class to take in preparation for participating in our more intermediate and advanced group fitness classes such as our Circuit and Cross Training Fitness classes.

Boxing Fundamentals – Register

An introductory class for those interested in boxing for fitness. The goal of boxing fitness classes is to utilize basic boxing techniques to achieve a fun and full body workout. This class will work on shadow boxing to learn the different punching techniques and then move to bag work as you build your fitness. This is a great class to take in preparation for participating in our more intermediate and advanced Boxing Circuit classes.

Women’s Weightlifting Clinic – Register 

This clinic will teach women who are new to weightlifting proper form, technique, and the correct approach in the following lifts; Front Squat, Bench Press, Back Squat, Deadlift, and Push Press. The intent of this clinic is to help all participants feel comfortable with using the weight racks, barbells, and plates. Time will be spent on gym etiquette and setting up the safety features at the rack. Each session will begin in the fitness studio for a presentation on the lift of the day and time to practice with a PVC pipe. Then the group will progress to the weightlifting racks in State Gym. Note this is a skill based clinic versus a group workout.

5K with Katelyn –  Train for a Run  – Register

A beginner running program for those interested in training together for a 5K race. If you are interested in starting to run but unsure where to begin this is a great class for you. The program will start with interval training and light running to work up to running the full 3.1 miles by the end of the program. There is a 5K run with ISU Intramurals in Ames on Saturday, October 15th. A great run to set as your goal at the end of this program! Let’s train together!

Pedal & Pump – Indoor Cycling and Dumbbells – Register

The most efficient workout you will get all week. This class combines cardio and strength in each session and challenges you to take your workout to the next level. This class will include intervals and climbs on the bike, and weights and full body movements on the mat. Come to this class to train like an athlete. This is a great class to take if you have already been participating in our Cycle Fit classes and wanting even more of a challenge.

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