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Recspys 2023

On April 23rd, hundreds of Rec Service employees gathered in the Old State Gym for the sixth annual “RECPSYS.” The RECSPYS is a student staff awards banquet created to honor students who have done an outstanding job in their respective roles. The award winners represented Facilities, Business Operations, Marketing, Fitness, Personal Training, Adventure Programs, Sports Clubs, and Intramurals. Catered by Chipotle, those who attended the event were rewarded with a free meal, trivia, bingo, and speeches from their fellow employers. The main event was followed by an after-party, consisting of open gym and pool access exclusively for the Rec Services student staff. If you didn’t get a chance to participate this year, don’t worry- we’ll be back in 2023! Congratulations to our student award recipients!


Rec Services Employee of the Year: Rachel Thomas

Rec Services Legacy Award: Mickale Sadecky


Adventure Program Legacy Award: Aubrey Verdon

Adventure Program Employee of the Year: Olivia Sorenson

Marketing Employee of the Year: Taylor Barber

Shane De Jong Employee of the Year: Francisco Rodriguez (Koko)

Facility Operations Legacy Award: Jack Stevenson

Facility Operations Legacy Award: Mickale Sadecky

Fitness Instructor of the Year: Sophia Vitale

Personal Training Legacy Award: Gabe Rummel

Intramural Employee of the Year: Rachel Thomas

Intramural Legacy Award: Caleb Rhoads

Adventure Newcomer of the Year: Alexandra Sigel

Adventure Supervisor of the Year: Mason Hale

Business Operations Newcomer of the Year: Olivia Behn

Business Operations Student of the Year: Caleb Kehrli

Sports Field Assistant of the Year: Michael Behnke

Cleaning Attendant of the Year: Matthew Crook

Facility Operations Newcomer of the Year: David Roque

Facility Attendant of the Year: Jacob Larson

Service Desk Employee of the Year: Kale Rempe

Lifeguard of the Year: Anna Olson

Facility Supervisor of the Year: Sydney Parizek

Fitness Newcomer of the Year: Abbey Van Middlesworth

Fitness Instructor Legacy Award: Summer McVicker

Personal Training Rising Star: Nathan Canfield

Personal Trainer of the Year: Sean Owens

Intramural Supervisor of the Year: Jordan Hund

Intramural Newcomer of the Year: Tori Fogarty

Gaming Room Attendant of the Year: Connor Quinn

Iowa State Sports Club of the Year: Women’s Rugby