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Recreation Services by the Numbers Iowa State Lied Rec Center

Hello Cyclones! Welcome to the blog post that is about to blow your mind. Garry Greenlee, Associate Director of Facilities, provided us with all the Recreation Services statistics from the July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018. And let me tell you, there is a side of Recreation Services that you may have never seen before…

27,278 different students swiped into Recreation Services facilities. To put that in perspective, Hilton Coliseum can hold 14,356 people at capacity. So the students who used our facilities come pretty close to filling Hilton up twice. Talk about Hilton Magic!

There were 1,119,120 recorded swipes into Recreation Services  facilities. That number of entries would be the equivalent of every person living in Dallas, Texas swiping in.

There was an average attendance of 2,477 swipes each day. Mondays were the most popular, coming in with an average of 4,051 swipes a day. Imagine every student in the College of Business showing up to Recreation Services. That’s crazy.

So just for kicks, let’s imagine every person that entered Recreation Services walked a quarter mile. Walking that far takes around 630 steps (Yes, we counted). Keeping our assumption, that means that there are over 1,560,510 steps taken in our Rec Facilities every day. Which would add up to 10.9 million a week, 43.7 million a month and 524.1 million steps a year. I feel like my shoes are worn out just reading this!

Finally, between Sport Clubs, Intramurals Sports, Group Fitness Classes, the Outdoor Recreation Program, and facility reservations, 75.6% of the student body utilized Recreation Services in some way. . Compare that number to the 61.4% of eligible voters who turned out for the last presidential election. Recreation Services is getting some pretty great involvement, if I do say so myself.

And that’s it, folks. Consider yourselves enlightened. I for one had no idea the magnitude of Recreation Services when I started working here. Actually, I’m still a little shell-shocked. And just imagine, these numbers don’t even get into our square footage, electricity usage, or heating bill. Those numbers will have to wait for a future post. Until then keep swiping in and getting the most from your Recreation Services membership!