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Quick and Easy Guide to the Bars in State Gym

Just like a pretty red dress out on the town there is a new flash of color popping in the State Gym racks. These red bars have a smaller diameter shaft for those of us blessed with smaller hands, than the commonly used barbells. In honor of the new red bar here is a quick and easy guide to the bars in State.

The Red Dress

Like I mentioned before the red bars have a skinnier grip than the commonly used barbell. he weight of these bars is 33 lbs (15 kg), the diameter is 25mm, and the length is about 6.5 feet. Sharice a personal trainer at State Gym says, “The smaller diameter of the bar helps your grip or allows you to have a stronger grip, while keeping good form.”

Featured Exercise: Romanian Deadlift

The Classic

The commonly used barbells weigh 45 lbs (22 kg), the diameter is 28 – 29 mm, and the length is about 7.2 feet.

Featured Exercise: Classic Back Squat

Twist of Swole

There are some wiggly shaped bars floating around as well. These are known as EZ-bars or a curl bar. They take on the name curl bar, because they are often used for bicep curls. EZ-bars weigh around 15 lbs (7 kg). The curves are for your wrists, one of the great benefits of EZ-bars is that they put your wrists in a more natural position for lifting.

Featured Exercise: Preacher Curl

Tricks or Traps

It’s not quite a circle, but instead a hexagon, with handles. These hex or trap bars are created with the intent that you stand inside the bar and lift around you. They weigh 45 lbs (22 kg). For these bars the distribution of weight will be a bit more even, where as on a standard bar it will be shifted to where we bar rests.

Featured Exercise: Deadlift

The Landmine

This puppy sits in the corner affixed to the floor on one side. It utilizes the barbell, by placing one end of it in the anchor while allowing you to put weight on the other end. This is a great tool for one-sided movements.

Featured Exercise: Landmine Rotation

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