Photo Contest

Photo Contest

The ORP Photo Contest will be a weekly event for all university community members to participate in. Each week the ORP will choose a category(water activity, climbing outing, winter activity, nature photo, and more. The category will be posted on the Rec Services web site on Monday and the photos must be submitted by Saturday. The photos will be featured on our Outdoor Rec and Main Rec Instagram accounts.


1. Photos can only be submitted between 10:00 AM on Monday–5:00 PM Saturday

2. Photos must be taken by the individual submitting it

3. A brief description must accompany the photo including the following: who took the photo, when was it taken, where was it taken, and what is the photo of

4. Photos must fit into the specific category for that week 5. There is not time limit on when the photo was taken –could have been this winter break or five years ago

Weekly Categories: 

  • Nature Photo – Plant/Flower, Landscape, sunset/sunrise, etc. 
  • Hiking, Backpacking, Camping 
  • Water Activity – Canoeing, Kayaking, Sailing, WW Rafting, Surfing, SUP 
  • Random Activity – Slack lining, Hammocking, Running, Tree Climbing, Bungee Jumping 
  • Winter Activity – Skiing, Snowboarding, Camping 
  • Sporting Activity – Hunting, Fishing 
  • Biking – Mountain, Road 
  • Climbing – Rock, Ice, Canyoneering