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Hours of Operation

State Gym Top Rope Hours of Fall Operation

Monday – Friday – 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM


State Top-Rope – See above

  • Allowing full capacity
  • No Wait list, first come first served

State Boulders – Closed for floor maintenance

  • We have a max occupancy of 4 climbers
  • No Wait list, first come first served
  • We are only allowing liquid chalk
  • Limit 1 hour per session

Lied Boulders – Closed

  • We have a max occupancy of 8 climbers
  • No Wait list, first come first served
  • We are only allowing liquid chalk
  • Limit 1 hour per session

Policies and Procedures

Climbing Procedures

  • Climbers will check in on the right side of the customer service desk
  • Utilize Bouldering Wall seating area to wait your turn
  • Wash your hands prior to each climb
  • Masks will be required at all times
  • Once a climber is at the wall (on their side of the tape) they will clip into the rope system
  • ORP staff will do a visual inspection of the modified tie-in to the rope – carabineers instead of figure eight knot
  • All other climbing procedures will be followed as usual

Rec Services Staff Procedures

  • Establish lines on the floor where one side is for the climber and the other for the staff member
  • Utilize the bouldering area for seating while participants are waiting to climb – social distancing rules apply
  • Limit Number of climbers and the amount of time
  • Institute a reservation system to climb
  • Set-up a rotation system for rope use – staggered ropes and or alternate left and right sides of the wall with the potential of eliminating a couple of the ropes
  • Require staff to belay
  • Increase route setting frequency
  • Increase cleaning frequency of holds and ropes
  • Provide hand wash/ sanitize stations
  • Utilize Victory machine to clean holds and wall
  • Provide harnesses and shoes for one-time use only per day
  • Provide liquid chalk
  • Require staff to wear masks at all times
  • Require Participants will wear masks within the guidelines of the facility
  • Clean seating area and cubbies on a regular basis daily
  • Provide workshops during the week

Rent the Climbing Wall

Looking for something fun and challenging for your group to do? The Top Rope Wall located at State Gym can be reserved for events and parties, check out the pricing listed below. Anyone can rent the climbing wall and ORP will provide all the necessary equipment and instruction.

Price per hour Group
$45 Registered Student Organizations
$50 University Groups
$100 Non-University Groups

We ask that you make your reservations 15 days in advance.

Climbing Wall Rental Contract
Climbing Wall Release
Climbing Wall Release – Minor

Basic Info

ISU has three climbing walls [only TWO for now as part of COVID19 precautions] located in two of the recreation facilities on campus, a Top Rope wall in State Gym and our premier Boulder wall at Lied Recreation Center. The Outdoor Recreation Program (ORP) provides staff to supervise and to belay at the Top Rope wall each day during our open hours, and the bouldering wall is open anytime the facilities are open. Climbing shoes, harnesses, and liquid chalk [a COVID-19 adjustment] are free to ISU Pass-holders and Outdoor Rec provides a full range of instructional workshops that can take your climbing experience to new heights. We also host several events, climbing competitions, and even rent the climbing wall for your own exclusive climbing wall party.