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No Gym? No Problem

Say yes to summer! Am I right? Warm weather, hanging with friends, and the best part, no school! We get to leave campus for the summer and trek to exciting places. But this also means leaving behind our workout buddies and gym memberships, and some may think we’re doomed. Without access to a gym, we won’t be able to get in regular workouts or meet our fitness goals the same way. But don’t worry I have a solution! We can all just take a ton of summer classes and live on campus f o r e v e r!

Okay, you got me. I’m totally joking! And the best news is that I have three easy solutions we can all implement during the summer to try and stay healthy and active. So that if there’s no gym, it’s no problem!

  1. Don’t leave your gym buddy behind!

If you love to workout with your friend regularly during the school year, why stop during summer break? Text, snap and DM them about all your workouts. Hold each other accountable to get those workouts in and meet those fitness goals.

  1. Try new things!

Summer is such a great opportunity to try new ways to stay active. Is there a local bike trail that runs through your city? Use rollerblades or a skateboard to switch it up. Are you going to the lake for the weekend? Swim for 10 minutes or so between sunbathing. Is there yoga in the park this Saturday? Grab your mom or friend (or your dog) and get your yoga on! Be creative in how you stay fit and enjoy yourself along the way! If you’re in Ames, check out this article on 6 ways to stay active this summer nearby.

  1. Switch up those exercises!

Alright, so now it’s raining (because sometimes that happens in the summer). So what can you do? Skip your workout and eat ice cream on the couch instead? Not this time! Just switch up your normal workout routine to be filled with bodyweight exercises. Push-ups, wall-sits, and crunches are all great exercises to feel that burn and get those gainz! But those aren’t the only ones! Check out our #FridayTrainersFavorites to find some of our trainer’s favorite moves and all the inspiration you need for those rainy days.

So in light of all this… I think there’s a possibility that we can make it through the summer. Find those friends, try new things, and mix it up! And best of all, we don’t have to take a fill of summer classes just so we can use the gym! Because you know what we say? No gym? No problem!