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We understand what you go through each New Years and how challenging it can be to stick to your goals. We’ve been there, too. Setting a resolution is difficult, but we want you to succeed! That’s why we are sharing 10 motivating tips with you to help with your New Year’s resolutions now that it’s February.

     1. Workout with a friend!

Working out with someone else helps stay motivated. Not only do friends help keep you accountable to get up for the gym, but it helps them too! You can help each other out by participating in workouts and celebrating successes together.

     2. Schedule your workout by blocking out time in your planner or phone!

Putting it in your planner or in your phone really helps. Having a set time blocked out makes it easier to work in a workout with your busy schedule.

     3. Write up a workout in advance!

This is like putting it in your planner but a bit more in-depth. If you plan your workouts ahead of time, you are more likely to stick to them. This may also save you some time at the gym if you know the exercises you need to do.

    4. Dress in fit casual attire for the day so you are ready for your workout or put them out the night before!

Studies show just wearing exercise clothing puts you in a better mood to exercise. It may be hard to get out of the warm bed in pajamas but try putting on some exercise clothing instead. If for some reason you can’t wear that type of clothing that day, prepare your outfit the night before and set it out or pack it with you.

    5. Find a good music playlist!

Who doesn’t love listening to music as they work out? Music is a great way to keep motivated, as well as keep your workouts paced. Find a playlist to listen to while working out or create one for yourself. Those songs will start to remind you of exercising.

    6. Try Group Fitness to switch up your workout!

If you are new to fitness or want to change up your workout, Group Fitness is a great place to start. At Recreation Services, we have a variety of classes for all skill levels, from cardio dance to sunrise yoga to TRX strength. Check out our schedule online – we’re sure we have something that will fit into your schedule!

    7. Pack a pre-workout snack before you hit the gym!

Hunger may be the reason you don’t want to work out today. By packing a pre-workout snack, you never have to worry about being hungry. Plus, a snack can give you the necessary energy and motivation to get your workout done.

    8. Efficiently warm-up and cool-down so you keep feeling good for the rest of your week!

Warming up and cooling down are a crucial part of a complete workout. A proper warm-up and cool-down make it less likely for you to get injured and make you feel so better prepared for an productive workout.

    9. Make some goals to measure your success and keep you motivated!

Use SMART goals to create efficient goals that you’ll stick to. What’s a SMART goal, you might ask? Each letter stands for a characteristic of a good goal: S is specific, M is measurable, A is achievable, R is realistic, and T is time based. Need an example? Here’s one: I want to increase my squat weight by 25 lbs by the end of the February. To do this, I will complete squats two times every week until the end of February.

    10. Reflect on your workout!

Pay attention to how you feel after working out. Do you feel energized, excited, maybe even happy? Write those feelings down on a notepad or in a journal. Being able to determine how you feel and tracking those feelings will keep bringing you back to the gym day after day.

Do you have any other tips that help you feel motivated? Share with us – we’re always looking for more ideas!