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Intramural Sports
Intramurals Sportsmanship Report Students rest in between games on the intramural fields

Hey, did you know that you get a grade in intramurals? Don’t worry these grades won’t affect your GPA. But they will affect your ability to play. The referees grade teams and players on sportsmanship as they watch the games. You can get an A, a B, or a C. “But you really only get into trouble if you get a C rating,” says one intramural ref. Looking at the Intramural Sports Handbook you can get all this information and more, but let me sum it up for you.

“People get super intense in intramurals, I don’t really get why they have to fight, but sometimes it still happens,” remarks an intramural supervisor.

The grades you are given are from the intramural refs as they decide. This makes for a safe way to address behavioral problems from players. Like I said you can get an A, B or C, but really C is where you run into trouble. With one C rating you and your team will get a warning telling you that your behavior in a recent game has been too aggressive or insulting. With two C ratings say good bye, you will be dropped from the tournament that you are playing in. Depending on the severity you could even be suspended from all Iowa State Intramurals for up to a year. These ratings are easily given out if you get into physical or aggressive verbal fights that include slurs or any type of discrimination. If you don’t have the tendency to do either of those then you are pretty safe to keep playing.

“One of the worse sports for aggressive behavior is ultimate frisbee, probably followed by basketball” says a seasoned referee.

You can also get a low rating for verbally attacking the referees. There is a difference between arguing calls made and getting in the ref’s face yelling insults. You can still argue calls but be respectful of all participants and officials.

Intramural sports are a place to let go of the stress of school and have fun. Play with passion and respect, and remember it’s just for the fun of it.