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International Day of Yoga

Thursday, June 21st is designated as the International Day of Yoga (it’s also the first official day of summer in the northern hemisphere). The United Nations began recognizing June 21st as a day for yoga in 2014. The goal of the day, as stated on the UN’s website is ‘to raise awareness worldwide of the many benefits of practicing yoga.’

What exactly are the benefits of yoga?

According to Nora Hudson, assistant director of fitness and yoga instructor at Iowa State Recreation Services, yoga can benefit you differently depending on your personal needs.

“The yoga should serve you instead of you serving the yoga,” Hudson said.
Hudson points out that a lot of people try yoga and strain themselves trying to reach a ‘perfect’ pose because they think the goal of yoga is purely physical. While yoga does have many physical benefits, yoga can also serve to improve your mental and spiritual being.

Iowa State has its own International Day of Yoga celebration. The event offers a chance to practice yoga in an outdoor (pending rain) setting. Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned veteran, all are welcome at the event.
You can join in on Iowa State’s celebration starting at 6 pm on June 21st on the Parks Library lawn. The rain location is the State Gym 2nd floor basketball courts. The event is free, but it is asked that you bring your own yoga mat or blanket.

In Spring 2018, Rec Services offered six different yoga classes:

Sunrise Yoga – An early morning yoga session focused on flexibility and breathing to start your day off positively.
Yoga Flow – As the name implies, this style of yoga ‘flows’ from pose to pose. The class will progressively build intensity into deeper postures before a relaxing finish.
Wellness Yoga – A great place to start if you’re new to yoga. This class emphasizes linking breath with movement.
Fitness Yoga – More focus is put on movement in this class. You’ll hold positions only briefly over the course of the exercise.
Yoga Sculpt – A total body workout that combines yoga with weight training. The class is set to high energy music and included non-yoga exercises as well.
Yoga Strength – The most intense yoga workout we offer. You’ll need previous yoga experience before trying this class out – it’s quick paced and highly intense.

Rec Services offers several different yoga classes throughout the semester that can help cater to your needs. Go to our Group Fitness page to see what yoga classes you can participate in for the summer!