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Looking for a Player / Looking to Join a Team

The Free Agent system is designed to help match up people who don’t have a team to play on or with teams that don’t have enough people. You will be notified via email with more information when you have been chosen by a team. The Intramural Sports program has no part in the Free Agent selection or system, other than providing the service. There is no guarantee you will be selected by a team. The Intramural Sports program does not put together teams; it’s entirely run by you, the user.

It is possible for a free agent to create your own team with other free agents. Register a team and select other free agents from the list.

How to use the FREE AGENT program:

  1. On the Intramural Sports webpage, click on the sport you want to sign up for
  3. Follow the directions

If you have any questions or concerns about the FREE AGENT program contact:

Nathan Pick| 294-4186|


Linda Marticke| 294-3234|

By participating in the Free Agent online system you are making your personal information you entered available for public viewing. Only enter the information you desire.