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How to Become a Lifeguard Recreation Services Iowa State University Blog

This August has really been heating up. And what better way to escape the heat than by becoming a lifeguard? Rec Services offers multiple employment opportunities, but one of the most unique positioning is working as a lifeguard. We have over 60 lifeguards on staff who are responsible for the overall safety of swimming participants. To get more information on what it’s like to work as a lifeguard, we caught up with Andy Laughlin, the pro staff who oversees aquatics.He emphasized that his lifeguards enjoy flexible schedules, decent pay, awesome coworkers, and an active environment. Check out the rest of this article to learn how you can become a Lifeguard!

The first step in joining our staff in this position is being properly qualified. All of Rec Services lifeguards must be certified in Lifeguarding, First Aid, and CPR/AED-PR. We recognize American Red Cross Certifications and Jeff Ellis & Associates Certifications in Lifeguarding, and First Aid & CPR/AED. If you don’t have these certifications, you can always head over to the American Red Cross for more information.

Once your certifications are all squared away, the application process is relatively straightforward. Head over to the Rec Services website and click on the lifeguard application link. After filling out the application, Andy will contact you to set up time for an interview/swim test.

For the swim test, you will have to show your sufficiency in breaststroke, front crawl and side stroke before treading water and retrieving a diving brick from the bottom of the pool.

When it comes to on-the-job training, our lifeguards have monthly in-service meetings. These two hour trainings help ensure they are all ready for everything their job entails.

So there you have it, everything you could need to know about lifeguarding. And the best news is that Rec Services wants you to join our staff! Maybe this job isn’t for you, but there are so many employment opportunities – check out this blog post for more information! So with school starting back up, maybe it’s finally time to beat that summer heat. And what better way to do that then to become a lifeguard?