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Get (Cy)CHED! Spotify Iowa State Recreation Services

Is work out music a must? Can’t complete that lift without some pumped up tunes? Maybe you get annoyed with your playlists but don’t have time to create new ones. Well we have some news for you! Recreation Services now has a Spotify account. Yep that’s right! You can find us here or under the ISU Recreation Services account on Spotify.

Our first playlist, Get (Cy)ched, is filled with 15 warm up songs you’ve probably never heard of. But fear not! The music train doesn’t stop here. We are teaming up with your favorite fitness instructors, staff members, and trip leaders to create playlists for your every workout need! Stay tuned for new playlists and additions to our account! Do you have your own favorite workout music? Comment below, we love to hear from you!

Rock on my friends, rock on.