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Forgot your volleyball? Don’t Fret

You just got done with class and you’re headed to the gym to get a game of volleyball in with your friends. You get to the gym and get ready to start playing but you realize you forgot to bring your volleyball with you. Don’t fret, we’ve got your back!

At our facilities, we provide a range of equipment that you can use with just a simple swipe of your ISU ID. Iowa State Recreation Services wants you and everyone else to have a comfortable experience when using the gym and that includes providing this service. Are you wanting to rent something? If so, you name it and we (probably) have it! When you want to rent something, all you need is your ISU ID to check out the equipment and to check it back in. You can do this at all three Recreation facilities: our Equipment Checkout desk on the first floor of State Gym, the front desk at Beyer Hall, or the front desk at Lied Rec. The best part is this service is free!

Curious about what kind of equipment we have to offer? We have plenty! Our most popular item is basketballs, so it’s best to come prepared in case all our basketballs are checked out. Additionally, we have volleyballs, soccer balls, badminton rackets, climbing shoes, and more, depending on what facility you are checking items out at.

Outdoor Recreation Program also offers even more equipment that can be rented for a low cost. This includes tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, and more! Check out the extensive list on our website or give them a call at 515.294.8200.