Forker Building

Forker Building

Forker is located near Lied Recreation Center on the east side of campus. Outside of academic classrooms and offices Forker offers the below facilities.

See Forker on a campus map.


General Parking spaces west of Forker may be used weeknights after 5:30 PM until 7:00 AM and on weekends, Friday after 5:30 PM until Monday 7:00 AM.

Facility Reservations

Space is available on a limited basis for tournaments and special programs. A Facility Request Form must be submitted two weeks prior to the event.

Facility includes:

  • Gymnasium 175 Forker: 2 Basketball Courts/3 Volleyball Courts/8 Badminton Courts
  • Gymnasium 184 Forker: 1 Basketball Court/3 Volleyball Courts
  • Gym 202 West: ½ gym space
  • Dance Studio 213 Forker: Hardwood floor studio with no seating
  • 8 Outdoor Lighted Tennis Courts south of Forker building