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Forker Building
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Forker is located near Lied Recreation Center on the east side of campus. Outside of academic classrooms and offices, Forker offers the below amenities.

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General Parking spaces west of Forker may be used weeknights after 5:30 PM until 7:00 AM and on weekends Friday after 5:30 PM until Monday 7:00 AM.

Facility Reservations

Space is available on a limited basis for tournaments and special programs. A Facility Request Form must be submitted two weeks prior to the event.

Facility includes:

  • Gymnasium 175 Forker: 2 Basketball Courts/3 Volleyball Courts/8 Badminton Courts
  • Gymnasium 184 Forker: 1 Basketball Court/3 Volleyball Courts
  • Gym 202 West: ½ gym space
  • Dance Studio 213 Forker: Hardwood floor studio with no seating
  • 8 Outdoor Lighted Tennis Courts south of Forker building