State Gym Multipurpose & Storage Access

State Gym

Sport Clubs Storage & Multipurpose Room Access

Club Storage Cages (Rooms 0112 & 1130)


Clubs that have storage cages/cabinets in State Gym room 0112 or 1130 need to follow this procedure to access those areas:

  • Each club will have a combination code assigned to them from their club officer to unlock and access their individual cage.


Multipurpose Room1130 (Boxing Ring Area)

Multipurpose Room 0112


  • During scheduled club practices or group reservation go directly to your space.
  • ONLY ISU eligible students and two coaches are allowed in this space. Non eligible individuals need to purchase a membership or day pass.  Violation of this policy may result in club sanctions and affect the availability of this space.
  • If others will not vacate your reserved space go to the front Service Desk and inform the Building Supervisor what the issue is and they will remove the group that does not have a reservation.


If this space is not reserved then it may be used on a first come basis.