Facility Usage – All Patrons


All students currently enrolled in classes  at Iowa State University,  who are assessed the current Activity, Services, Building & Recreation Fee, are issued a membership to Recreation Services automatically and can access Recreation Services facilities and programs with their ISUCard during that academic semester.

NOTE: In some instances, an enrolled student is not automatically assessed the Activity Fee.  To gain access to Recreation Services Facilities and Programs, you are required to request this fee be assessed. To request to be assessed the Activity, Services, and Building & Recreation Fee to your UBill, please go to this link: http://www.registrar.iastate.edu/activityfee

Non Enrolled Student:  A student must have been enrolled and completed the previous academic session at ISU. New transfer and incoming students must be enrolled in the upcoming semester at ISU. This classification grants affiliation with the University and the ability to purchase a monthly membership and locker for the months when they are not officially enrolled.  It is not available for consecutive academic semesters.


All non-students who are 18 years of age or older and have a current, valid ISUCard are eligible to purchase a membership. The following are included in the Non-Student category:

  • Employees (Faculty, Staff, Post Doc, Visiting Prof, Retiree)
  • Student & Employee Spouses and Dependents
  • Retired Employee Spouses
  • Alumni Association Members with a current, valid Alumni Association ISUCard. (Instructions)
  • Approved Affiliate Employees
  • Affiliate Spouses (not eligible to be issued an ISUCard however, they are eligible to purchase a membership and will be issued a paper pass.  Please contact Recreation Services for information regarding this process.  1180 State Gym, 294-4980).

Sponsored Guests

All current members may sponsor up to four adult guest(s) per day for an $8 guest pass. Guests must have a valid ID at time of purchase. The sponsor must stay in the facility with their guest during the visit. All sponsored guests must be 18 years of age or older unless visiting during Family Hours.

ISU campus guests attending an ISU-sponsored conference or event may purchase a daily guest pass by presenting a valid photo ID and proof of conference or event attendance.



  • Individuals wishing to utilize Recreation Services facilities or programs, who are 18 years or older, may purchase one (1) daily guest pass with valid photo identification by being sponsored in by a current Recreation Services member.
  • Recreation Services members may sponsor up to a maximum of four (4) adults per day and must remain in the building with their guest(s).
  • Sponsors are responsible for the conduct of their guest(s) and are subject to suspension/termination from facilities and programs if their guest(s) conduct warrants a disciplinary action.
  • Anyone eligible for a Recreation Services membership may purchase a one (1) day guest pass with their valid ISU Card without needing a sponsor.
  • A daily guest pass is non-transferable, is valid for only the day of purchase and may be used to gain access to all Recreation Services facilities.
  • Guest(s) are not eligible to check out equipment, participate in Intramurals, or register for trips/work-shops.
  • Guest(s) are eligible to participate in group fitness classes and the climbing wall. Must show receipt for access.
  • Refunds are up to the discretion of Recreation Services staff and will be handled on a case by case basis.


Family Use of Facilities

Those with a current membership, and are 18 years or older, have the ability to sponsor four dependent (under the age of 18) guests during Family Hours. Additional dependent guests are able to be sponsored if the member is also sponsoring in adult guests. The ratio of adults to dependent guests is 1:4.

Hours and Locations:  Family Hours at State Gym, Beyer Hall, and Lied Recreation Center are Saturday and Sunday from 12:00pm to 5:00pm. These hours may vary during holiday and break periods. Please check department website to confirm hours, availability, and closings.


  • Dependents (17 years and younger)- $1.00 per child; up to four children per adult
  • Sponsored Adult (18 years & older)- $8.00 (Same as a day pass…4 adult maximum per sponsor)


Dependent Policies:

  • Dependents are only allowed in activity areas if they are participating in that activity and only during posted family hours. All age restrictions will apply for use of an activity area.
  • Children six years of age and older are not allowed in opposite sex lockers rooms. Family changing rooms are available.
  • Parental Permission Agreement Form must be filled out and signed off on for each individual dependent participant and must be filled out by that individual’s parent or legal guardian.


  • 16 years & 17 years old– must have parent or guardian(s) remain in the facility at all times and is available for direct supervision if necessary
  • 14-15 years old– if using the Cardio, Weight, & Fitness Areas, running tracks, or group fitness classes a parent/guardian must supervise indirectly (in the same area) at all times
  • 13 years and under– NOT permitted in the Cardio, Weight, & Fitness Areas, running tracks, or group fitness classes
  • 6-13 years old– must be indirectly (watching participants and in the same area) supervised at all times
  • 5 years and under– must be directly (participating in activity with child & within reaching distance) supervised by a parent or guardian at ALL times. Additionally, children 5 years and younger may not use the bouldering wall.

When in an opposite sex locker room, children 5 years and younger must be changed and showered in one of the closed-door showers. Family changing rooms are available. The parent or guardian must make every attempt to keep exposure of the child to a minimum.