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Dress Code Update


If you’ve been to one of our facilities lately, you may have noticed we’ve been implementing a few new rules. Our new dress code was created to ensure that everyone at the gym feels comfortable and confident as they work out.

Our new rules include a no shirt, no shoes, no service policy (except in the pool and locker rooms, of course). While using our facilities, a shirt must be worn at all times. Shirts and tank tops should not have an armpit gap of more than a hand’s width.

Additionally, we are no longer allowing the torso to be shown. That means that those who exercise only in sports bras and cropped tank tops are no longer able to do so. We are also prohibiting shorts that expose the buttocks. As always, we ask that you avoid wearing clothing with offensive or vulgar language and wear clean, closed-toe, non-marking shoes in the activity areas.

These policies are being implemented in order to be inclusionary, not exclusionary. In no way are we suggesting that certain people’s bodies are distracting or sexualized, but we have received comments that people do not feel comfortable exercising around people wearing more revealing clothing. We strive to make our facilities comfortable for everyone, regardless of body type, gender, religion, etc. Please understand that we are merely attempting to make our facilities a more positive, respectful, and inclusionary space.

Our mission statement is “Creating exceptional experiences in a respectful, welcoming, and fun environment while empowering the ISU community to enhance personal well-being.”

While asking Jason Vlastaras, the Associate Director at Rec Services, about the dress code policy, he referenced the mission statement as a large reason why this policy was created. “We did a lot of research into this topic both internally and amongst other universities,” Jason explained. He said that people were feeling intimidated going to the gym, and how people were dressing was a big part of that. Jason said, “We don’t want to give people a list of everything they can wear and everything they can’t wear, we just wanted to give people some guidelines on what we feel is inappropriate.”

So please, continue to express yourselves and feel comfortable while working out, but be considerate towards your fellow gym users. We appreciate your cooperation, and we look forward to seeing you in our facilities!