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CY-5 5k Champs

Between September 21st – October 12th, Recreation Services gave Cyclones around the country a chance to take part in the first ever Cy-5 Virtual 5K. It’s simple – Participants run 3.1 miles, submit their running times, and have the option to complete challenges along the way. The top five fastest times in each division as well as winners from each challenge received a coveted Cy-5 t-shirt and bragging rights! If you didn’t get the chance to participate this year, don’t worry – we will be back in 2021! Listed below are the names of all of our winners, so if you see them around campus, make sure to say congrats!


Open Division:

1. Sean McDermott Junior

2. Aidan Fruzyna Junior

3. Nickolas Moser Junior

4. Jose Resendiz Senior

5. Shaden Tweeten Senior


Greek Division:

1. Elise Welder Delta Gamma

2. Drew Moine Beta Theta Pi

3. Elizabeth Hildreth Alpha Gamma Delta

4. Jamie Hoss Alpha Gamma Delta

5. Julia Hejkal Alpha Gamma Delta


Faculty/Staff Division:

1. Seth Heerschap – Physics and Astronomy

2. Ethan Secor Mechanical Engineering

3. Chong Wang Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine and Statistics

4. Mark Anderson Admissions

5. Ellen Wiseman – Facilities Planning and Management


Challenge Winners:

RUNNING ROUTE: Sarah Hansen & Marisa Dizonno


CY SPIRIT: Mitchell Nelsen & Carley Fulcher


COOL KICKS: Tabitha Jergens



Ella’s playlist included jams from S Club 7, The Neighbourhood, Bishop Briggs, and A R I Z O N A




STAY HYDRATED: Courtney Jones


Congratulations to all our winners – see you next year!