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Club Soccer Soccer Sport Club Iowa State University

Are you ready for school to start up again? Classes, homework, exams, and (maybe) procrastination. The toll of the camponeille is calling us to campus and back to the grind. In the never-ending cycle of school, semesters, and summers is there any way to set this year apart? Well actually, there is! Join a sport club!

Sport clubs are student run organizations filled with people who have a shared interest in a specific activity. There are clubs for every skill, competition, and talent level. Today we are zooming in on two talented and competitive clubs, Men’s and Women’s Soccer. We interviewed Jordan Golla, President of the Men’s Soccer Club, and McKenzie Smith, President of the Women’s Soccer Club. Keep reading to learn all about these two amazing teams and how you can tryout to be a part of them.

  • If you had to give an overview of your club, how would you describe it?

Jordan:I would say that we are a competitive team, we play around 15 games a year against teams in Iowa, and get the chance to participate in the regional and national tournament for club soccer, playing teams all across the country. Tryouts are required to join the team. We usually have around 30-35 players on the team“

McKenzie: “In my opinion, we are fairly competitive as you have to tryout amongst 60+ others and only around 30 make the team. We also have a coach that decides playtime based on level of commitment and skill. Last year at nationals, we played to win and were able to beat a team from Oregon and almost make it onto the semi-finals. This year, we hope to be even more competitive and win Nationals!”

  • When are your tryouts and how are they organized?

Jordan: “Tryouts will be August 22-24th from 5-7pm at the SE fields across from Jack Trice Stadium. The tryout fee is $20, but you do get a tryout T-Shirt with that. Our tryouts are organized by starting with individual skills, followed by small sided games, and ending with full sized (11v11) games.”

McKenzie:Our season starts with tryouts on August 22-24 from 5-7p on the Lied Recreation Field. The tryout fee is $25. The tryouts are organized by the co-presidents and our coach and consist of foot-skills and small-sided games. Large field scrimmaging will take place towards the end on the second day and the third day.”

  • What are the benefits of joining a club soccer team?

Jordan:The benefits of the team is a chance to play competitive soccer past a high school level, and a chance to travel across Iowa and possibly the nation. As mentioned before we get a chance to participate in a regional and national tournament. Last year these tournaments were in Colorado and Arizona. We are also in the process of getting a set time block and athletic trainer specifically for our club team. Also, the friends part is huge as well. I would say almost everyone on the team would consider the others there friends. We do many things together outside of soccer. “

McKenzie: “There are many benefits of joining our club soccer team, being able to continue playing the sport I love without the demands of a D1 program, meeting new friends with similar interests to you, and staying in shape to name a few.”

  • What are your favorite parts about Club Soccer?

Jordan:My favorite part is the friend aspect. Like mentioned before, a lot of us hang out and do things besides soccer and it has given me a good group of guys to hang out with.”

McKenzie: “I love the fact that I can still play soccer and have met so many people I love through the club! In fact, my two roommates I met from the club soccer team.”

  • What advice would you have for someone wanting to tryout for your soccer team?

Jordan: “If you are wanting to try out make sure that you are in shape. As mentioned before, it is a competitive team and being in shape is sometimes an underrated part of tryouts that we do look for. Tryouts for me were nothing like tryouts growing up. It is a lot less drills, and way more game, which I think is better.”

McKenzie: “Definitely tryout if you have a soccer history! I was on the edge about trying out my freshman year, and couldn’t be happier that I did!”

So there you have it, soccer clubs straight from the mouths of presidents themselves. In case you missed it, both clubs have tryouts on August 22-24 from 5-7PM. Just show up with your cleats, tryout fee, and an awesome attitude  And maybe soccer isn’t your scene but Lacrosse, Swimming, or Quidditch is more your style. Check out a complete list of our sport clubs on our website. Message individual clubs with specific questions about tryouts and how to join! It looks like this school year keeps getting better and better!