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Outdoor Recreation
Choosing Your Adventure With Outdoor Recreation

“Choose your adventure at Iowa State”. We’ve all heard it before, right? In the television commercials, at freshman orientation, throughout Destination Iowa State, during homecoming week, all over campus signage and in every mass email from the University. But, what does it mean?

Let us shed some light on the catchy phrase.

Upon your arrival to college, you’re given so much freedom. You choose your major, your classes (and whether or not you go to them), clubs, hobbies, friends, food, housing, everything. One of the most exciting choices we’re given, however, is in regards to school breaks and how we get to spend them. Ready for your adventure? That’s where we come in! The Outdoor Recreation Program (ORP) at Recreation Services is the perfect place to try something, go somewhere, or meet someone new. Whether it be an hour-long workshop or a week long extended trip, students of all skill levels are welcome at the ORP.

Workshops are a small-time commitment, and a great opportunity to learn. Workshops at the ORP are designed to introduce individuals to a new skill with hands-on learning and immediate feedback. A list of them can be found here.

Day trips and weekend trips are exactly what they sound like: short trips that are roughly 1-3 days long. They’re a great introduction to ORP extended trips, and they’re a fun opportunity to learn a new skill or spend a day or two away from campus. A handful of these trip activities include: climbing, hiking, kayaking, backpacking, caving and horseback riding. You can find more here online.

The ORP also offers extended trips. These trips typically take you outside of Iowa, anywhere from Florida to Alaska. Extended trips last between one and two weeks, and they are an opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in an outdoor adventure for a longer period of time. A complete list all trips can be found here.

Interested in learning more? The Outdoor Recreation Program office is located in State Gym. Stop by and chat with an ORP employee about any questions, comments, or concerns you may have in regards to the program. We hope to see you soon!