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Beyer’s Hidden Secrets…

We all know State Gym and its amazing amenities. Maybe you’re on Team Lied and love its shear size. But do you know Beyer? Beyer Hall offers more than meets the eye, including two of Recreation Services’ and Student Wellness’s newest programs: SHOP Food Pantry and the Gaming & Esports Room. Both are located on the first floor (down the half flight of stairs) and are unique in their own right.


SHOP stands for Students Helping Our Peers and is located at 1306 Beyer Hall.

The SHOP was created by a group of students looking to give back to their community. Our mission is to engage with anti-hunger advocates and serve the student population by increasing hunger awareness and food security. The SHOP is run by volunteers and the food is obtained through donations. Students may come in and pick-up food without showing any ID, which makes this service completely anonymous. Their hours are Tuesday 12-8pm, Wednesday 2-7pm, and Friday 11-4pm

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Gaming & Esports Room

The Gaming & Esports Room is located in Beyer Hall and features 30+ desktops and four console gaming stations. There is state-of-the-art equipment and drop-in play is welcome. Want to take it to the next level?

The Iowa State Gaming & Esports Club is a hub for both casual and competitive gamers on campus to meet people to play with or compete at all skill levels.

Interested in Participating? Join the club by joining the Gaming & Esports discord server –

The Gaming & Esports Room’s hours are Monday-Friday 4pm – 10pm, Saturday 12-6pm and Sunday 12-10pm.

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