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Best Foods For Building Muscle

Sadly, muscle building doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard work both inside and outside of the gym. So why not get a little extra help from the foods you eat? Though, it’s not just the carbo loading and protein you consume that help you gain muscle, there are other techniques as well. If you’re curious on what foods would be good to eat then here’s ten mass muscle building foods you might want to check out.

An easy add to your morning routine or afternoon snack is Greek yogurt. The benefit of Greek yogurt is that it has nearly twice as much protein as regular yogurt. The protein is slow to digest so that your body will be fueled throughout the day with nutrients to build that muscle. Though be careful, some companies will put in a thickening agent to cut corners. For example, if you see pectin, my advice would be to put it back on the shelf.

If you have a sweet tooth, chocolate milk is a lifesaver. This is a great post workout drink that is packed with both fast and slow digesting proteins. This will help your body get that quick burst of fuel, as well as maintain a balance of protein during recovery.

Vinegar might not be the first food you grab off the shelf post-workout, but try adding a couple teaspoons to a salad at dinner. Vinegar creates a sort of highway in your body so that the food you eat fuels muscle cells rather than fat cells. This will help your muscles gain the energy they need!

Despite many misconceptions, not all fat is bad. Fat is needed for the body in order to stay happy and work properly. Though, you want to find a good source for this fat, such as avocados. According to Mayo Clinic fats from plants are going to be healthier for you than the fats from animals. Avocados are extra special because they also contain a lot of essential nutrients and fiber, despite their high fat context.

Now, let’s look as some more power plants. For example, broccoli is a high-volume vegetable, meaning it will fill you up faster (which is not ideal for a lot of bodybuilders). However, broccoli has a hidden talent, it helps your body clear excess estrogen and toxins. This allows for other more beneficial hormones to circulate the body. Talk about power!

Lentils are another huge protein packed plant with 18 grams of protein per cup. They come in red, green, and brown and are all pretty similar. Though, red lentils cook faster than the others, so they are great for a quick post workout dinner.

If you’re not a vegetable person but still want to get in on this plant power, then try raspberries. Being high in fiber and antioxidants, raspberries help your body clear out the bad and make way for the good.

As we’re almost near the end of this blog you’re probably wondering why I haven’t listed any grains or meats. What is this list? Have no fear, quinoa is here! One cup of quinoa has more protein, zinc, fiber, and magnesium than brown rice, which is a popular power carb. When it comes to meat, mackerel is a fish similar to tuna, but it contains more omega-3, which helps lower inflammation and stress levels. Mackerel also has a lot of zinc to help maintain testosterone levels.

I know not everyone has access to all of these foods (especially when they are not in season), but it’s a good place to start. Leave a comment below to tell us about your favorite foods! If you want more information about good food to eat, then check out Smart Eats here on campus.