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Aqua Classes Students the pool during a swimming class

Are you looking for a great workout that doesn’t put stress on your joints? Are looking to get a better rest at night? Maybe you just want a fun, social, not super sweaty workout that gives you great benefits and results. Any of those stick out to you? If so, our Aqua Classes are perfect for you!

There are many benefits to aqua workouts. While exercising in the water, our bodies don’t activate the decelerating type of muscular contraction that works to control movement within the gravitational pull. Simply put, you may have less soreness exercising in water than on land. While in the water, exercise can accommodate all different levels, we have an aqua deep class in the deep water section as well as aqua agility which takes place in the shallow end. Both classes are aimed at cardiovascular and muscular endurance

These aqua classes are taught by our very own fitness instructors. They like to utilize equipment such as water belts, aqua dumbbells, aqualogic bells and resistance fins, to create more resistance and drag. They even blend the workouts with the water vortex sometimes to add some challenge and resistance. The water allows for excellent range of motion and can be a great recovery process if you have an injury or joint pain.

I think people tend to doubt the effectiveness of water exercise, but I have seen first hand how much it can help build muscle and increase range of motion after an injury. The muscle activation is really surprising, it is hard to believe you can get results like that when you aren’t even sweaty! The classes usually end with what they call a “body float”, a nice relaxing end to a great workout. Who wouldn’t just want to lay and float for a bit? Forget about school and work, reminisce on your childhood days of floating around in a pool and relaxing before you entered the real world.

So come on out to State to workout your core and build muscle alongside your friends.

Grab a swimsuit, towel, and water bottle and come join us for a fun, social, and beneficial workout. To sign up for aqua classes or other fitness classes you can visit our page here. Just scroll down and look for our Tuesday and Thursday classes!