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Alternatives at the Gym

We’re headed into the second month of the new year; our fitness goals have been well underway. You know what that means? The gym has been insanely busy. Though it has been more crowded, don’t let that deter you from your workout and your goals. Instead, let us help you by offering some insider tips to these situations.

I will never break up with the GYM, we just seem to WORKOUT.

If you’re looking for a rack or simply somewhere to do your workout, the functional training room is always an option, since both Lied and Beyer Gym have one. If you’re interested in using the one in Beyer Gym, you’ll find this room located in Room 2420. The functional training room is free of use to anyone on Mondays and Thursdays from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. As for Lied, the functional training room is located on the third floor towards the back of the equipment area and is available everyday from 6am – 12am. Aside from specific class times, this room is open to anyone. Although there are no racks in this room, there are still plenty of ways to do your workouts with free weights, mats, and other equipment located there.

If you want to play basketball and the courts are full, be sure to check all the other gyms to see if their courts are available. If they are full, don’t give up! Consider doing something new instead, such as racquetball, volleyball, or badminton. Equipment for these activities are free and can be checked out at State, Lied, and Beyer.

Fitness classes have been as packed as ever, but if you want to attend a class that ends up being full, try another class that’s offered at the same time (or later) instead.  Switching up your routine can be fun and good for you, and you may find that you like a new class you’ve never done before! You can find a full list of the classes offered on the Recreation Service’s website or also from the attached link below.