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Intramural Sports
All About Intramurals Students play intramural football

Recreation Services has great opportunities to get out and play your favorite sports with friends new and old with Intramural Sports. These Intramural Sports go on year-round with a lot of variety. Don’t sweat it if you don’t have the time right now as you can get in on the action in a month or even next semester. Playing intramurals is a great way to relieve stress, so put down the pencil, the laptop, put away the textbook. Grab a ball or a frisbee, and some friends; step outside it’s time to play.

Signing up for Intramural Sports can be a process, so below I’ve broken it down for you. So, when it is time to sign up you can do it like a pro.

Registration. Each sport has a date that registration opens and closes. These dates are super important, but lucky for you they are posted online and on posters all around campus. You can even get a magnet with the schedule right on it at any of the recreation facilities.

Once registration opens you can sign up a team or as a Free Agent. (More about Free Agent below). To actually register for a sport,

  1. Go to the intramurals calendar online.
  2. Click on the sport you want to play.
  3. Check out the info about that specific sport
  4. When you’re ready. Click the red LOGIN text at the top and login with your Net ID.
  5. Once you log in start with the captain’s quiz. You have to take the quick captain’s quiz before you register at all.
  6. Then select if you are registering as a team or free agent.
  7. Follow the prompts from there.


Free Agent

If you really want to sign up for a sport but can’t find a team to sign up with, do not fret, we have the perfect solution. Look for the Free Agent link when registering for a sport. Free Agents also work well if you have an almost full team but need a few more people. You can pick up someone from the free agent list. Free Agents are people who really want to play, so please contact them if you do need more people.



Divisions for each sport will typically be explained on the information page, but here’s a brief rundown.

The first division is based on gender which includes: Men’s, Women’s, Open, and Co-ed divisions. If you are asked to choose Men’s or Women’s, this means that there are all men’s teams or and all women’s teams. You are welcome to choose whichever you most identify with. Open means teams can be any combination of gender. Co-ed means teams must have different ratios of those who identify as male or female.

The next division is based on level of competitiveness. Some sports will have separate competitive and recreational brackets, others will have letters/numbers like A2 or D4. Sometimes there can be both. The competitive or A divisions are for the players with higher skill levels that try very hard to win. The recreational and lower letter divisions are for players that are looking new experiences and a fun time over hard-core competitiveness. The point of having different divisions based on skill level is so teams or individuals are matched evenly on skill and play is more fair which in turn makes it more fun for everyone.


The first few times signing up for Intramural Sports might feel tedious but don’t let that stop you. We promise it is well worth it and wish you luck in those games!