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Please fill out this maintenance request form in order to schedule out your bike repair appointment.

Maintenance Services Offered

  • Safety Inspection – Free
  • General Upkeep (Bike cleaning, lubing chains, airing tubes, tightening pedals along with seats & saddles) – $5
  • Brake Adjustments – $10
  • Derailleur Adjustments – $10
  • Wheel Truing – $10
  • Quick Tune (Brake & Derailleur Adjustments) – $15
  • Full Tune (Quick Tune + Wheel Truing) – $24
  • Fix a flat (labor only – patron provides tube) – $6
  • Tire Tube (not including labor) – $5

Policies and Procedures

  • Adventure staff will fill out all contracts
  • Social distancing will be practiced at the front desk if there is more than one renter
  • Payment will be by credit card only
  • No students getting repairs will be permitted in the Adventure garage area
  • Each bike will be sanitized before being worked on by an Adventure staff member
  • Adventure currently does not service any e-bikes.
  • Staff will be encouraged to wear gloves when working on bikes
  • All other standard Adventure procedures will be followed for bike maintenance, i.e. communication and paperwork process
  • Any patron communication that remains unanswered for over one week will result in bike services halted and possible turnover of patron bike if there is no communication from the patron regarding the pick up of their completed bike. Recreation Services is not responsible for any damage or lost/ stolen bikes once the bike has been turned over due to a lapse in customer communication.
  • Student will pick-up bike at Adventure Program front desk

How To Fix a Flat Tire


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