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A Solution to Your Resolution Student swiping ID card

“New year, new me!”

        Yes, I’m just as tired of hearing that as you are. That being said, however, it’s hard to shake the feeling of excitement that comes with the new year. Although it isn’t necessarily a clean slate, the ringing in of the new calendar year seems to be a big motivational push for many to take a step toward their wellness goals.

So, where does Recreation Services come in?

        I have a feeling Iowa State Recreation Services can be a huge help for you in working toward your resolutions/goals/aspirations. Honestly, it wasn’t until I started working in two areas of Recreation Services that I was able to learn about everything it has to offer. Sounds enticing, huh? Let me give you the low-down on how you can take advantage of the Rec to help you achieve your super-successful-razzley-dazzley 2019 goals!

Trying to get your days off to an earlier start?

        We’ve all been there. Your alarm goes off in the morning and somehow you manage to roll out of bed after the 12th snooze button. Eventually, maybe you feel a bit guilty after having slept through your first two classes and missing breakfast. Starting your day off early can be a great way to manage a healthy sleep schedule, boost motivation, and help you squeeze even more craziness into your schedule. My solution? Sunrise Yoga, or any early morning fitness class. I love starting my mornings off with yoga. Getting your booty out of bed and over to State Gym can be a great motivator. Keep in mind: in order to attend fitness classes, you must register online beforehand! These classes (especially Sunrise Yoga) fill up quickly and you’ll need to reserve a spot to be able to attend. Head to this page to check out our class schedule and start registering!

Interested in weightlifting?

        There are a lot of ways you can introduce yourself to the world of weightlifting right here at Recreation Services! Aside from a handful of fitness classes that use weights, there are also sports clubs that offer all of the resources that are necessary to begin lifting. Both the Ladies In Fitness Training (L.I.F.T.) and Weight clubs provide a healthy and motivational environment for members of all skill levels. Check them out on our Sports Club webpage right here.

Are your goals diet-related?

        Didn’t you know? We have a blog! On the Recreation Services website, we post blogs on a regular basis. Many of these are nutrition related! Whether it be a recipe, a list of healthy foods to add to your grocery list, or diet myth-busting blog, we are constantly uploading new (and factual, I promise) content for you to check out in your free time. It’s all categorized to make it easy for you!

Have you caught the adventure bug?

        We’ll make this one easy for you. How does this sound: a trip across the country (or perhaps to a different country) with delicious food, transportation, and gear included at a crazy great price perfect for college students? Yeah. That’s the Outdoor Recreation Program (ORP). Whether you’re interested in hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, or skiing (we have more options too, don’t worry) the ORP has a great selection of extended trips available to all Iowa State students and community members. The best part? No experience is required! If you’re interested in jumping into something new, this is the perfect way to do it. We’ll provide all of the gear and teach you everything you need to know! Sounds too good to be true, huh? Check out a list of ORP trips here!

Need that extra push in your fitness plan?                  

        Whether you’re just beginning your wellness journey or you’re just seeking an extra bit of guidance, our Personal Training program is a fantastic supplement to every fitness plan. Our Personal Trainers are experienced in all areas of fitness and wellness, and they make the perfect assistants for anyone looking to improve their strength, speed, flexibility, and overall wellness. If you’re interested in the Personal Training program, you can learn a bit more right here on our website.

There you have it! I hope this helps you a wee bit with your resolutions and goals. Got questions? Got concerns? Check out our website for more information or visit a staff member at the front desk of one of our facilities! Have a great semester!