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6 Reasons to Try A Group Fitness Class Iowa State University Blog Recreation Services

It’s move in week! Everyone is heading back to Ames and campus is abuzz with excitement. Whether it is your first of your fifth year on campus, this year can be better than ever before! And Group Fit is here to help you reach that goal. Keep reading to learn all the ways our fitness classes can make your life better this year. 

1. Create Healthy Habits

The first couple weeks of classes are crucial to making healthy habits. “Can I actually get up for that 8am”, “should I eat fruits instead of fruit popsicles”, and “what time do I have to workout” are all questions students answer as school starts. So let our Group Fit Classes help you! Rec Services offers over 100 fitness classes a week (It’s true, check out the schedule here). So there will always be a time that not only fits your schedule but helps to keep you on track to create those healthy habits.

2. Never Workout Alone

New gym, new school, who dis? Working out alone can be this extremely daunting task (We have a whole blog post on just that). So skip the stress of being alone and join a Group Fit Class! You will automatically be surrounded by people of the same interests and some awesome instructors. You just have to walk in the room. 

3. We have “All the Things” 

Some gyms have cycling, some gyms have crossfit, but they’ve got nothing on us. We’ve got “all the things” you could ever want: Vortex , Cross Training, Jump Training (This one’s on trampolines!), and Hip Hop are just a few examples. Check out those links as just one more reason why we have everything you would ever need.

4. Workouts Are Premade 

I don’t know about ya’ll, but sometimes I forget to write workouts. I show up to the gym with no idea what I should do or exercises to conquer. Well with Group Fit, that is no longer an issue. It’s as simple as registering for a class up to 72 hours in advance, showing up, and getting that sweat on!

5. Classes are Free 

As college students, we all understand the importance of free. Free food, free giveaways, and now free fitness classes make us jump for joy. Our student activities fee covers all the workouts we could ever want! 

6. It’s Fun! 

We saved the best for last. Because our favorite reason for trying Group Fit is the fun you’ll have. If you don’t believe me, check out this student’s first experience in Jump Fitness. It sounds like a blast to me!













Even with all the reasons in the world, it’s up to you to register for your first fitness class. Just head over to our website, click on the class you’d like to attend , register, and attend. And let me tell you, after one of these classes, your workout life will never be the same again.