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6 Ways To Stay Active This Summer

It’s summer, the time where everyone wants to be sitting poolside or doing some fun kind of activity. If you’ll be in Ames this summer and aren’t quite sure what to do, we have some fun activities that you might want to try.

Take a Hike at Ledges State Park

Ledges State Park is about 20 minutes from campus and features four miles of hiking trails that offer views of the canyon and Des Moines River Valley. Popular overlook locations include Crow’s Nest, Inspiration Point, and Table Rock. Hiking is a great way to engage the core muscles in your torso and improve your balance skills. The uneven terrain gives you a type of lateral motion that you wouldn’t be able to attain from simply walking on the treadmill or riding a bike. Learn more about all the facilities and attractions at Ledges by clicking here!

Dive In the Pool

Swimming and summer go hand-in-hand; you can’t have one without the other. Whether you choose to swim at the Furman Aquatic Center in Ames, State Gym or Beyer Hall, or even a lake like Okoboji, swimming is a great activity because it takes some of the impact stress off your body while still allowing you to get your heart rate up, build your endurance, and improve your muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Take a weekend trip with ORP

Whether you want to climb, kayak, canoe, backpack, or even go whitewater rafting, our Outdoor Recreation Program has a wide range of adventurous and affordable trips are a fun way to meet new people and enjoy the great outdoors. Click here to see all our trips offered this summer!

Race in Ragbrai

Ragbrai, which stands for The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, is a week-long bike ride across Iowa that features 8 communities that host overnight stops along the way (which one will be in Ames). The average route is about 468 miles that begins on the western border of the state and stretches all the way to the eastern border. Register for your day pass before June 1st!

Rollerblade at High Trestle Trail

Rollerblading is a great way to burn some calories while having fun. High Trestle Trail is 25 miles long that crosses through five towns and four counties. Being one of the largest trail bridges in the world, High Trestle Trail is free to everyone and open all hours of the day. For more information check out High Trestle Trail’s website to learn more about the trail and pictures of the infamous bridge.

Play a Game of Sand Volleyball

Whether you know how to play sand volleyball or not, we’ve got the courts! Located at the SE Fields Sand Volleyball Courts (across from Jack Trice), these fields are open to rent through facilities. Though, there will be a volleyball tournament this summer if you’re up for the challenge. Registration opened on May 14th and will close on Tuesday the 29th. For more information, click here!

Whether you’re a regular or not at one of our facilities, there’s nothing like enjoying the great outdoors during the summer and staying active at the same time. We hope you’re interested in some of the activities we’ve shared! For more tips on keeping your fitness goals during the summer, tune in on Thursday! And if you have any other suggestions please let us know!