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5 Healthy Snacks For On The Go

Sick of always grabbing the same old granola bar when you’re rushing out the door? Well now is the time to break that habit! We’re here to save you with five simple healthy snacks you can whip up in a heartbeat when running out the door…

  1. Cheese, grapes and nuts

Such a simple, but effective snack that will fill you up and leave you full of energy. Sargento, a brand you can find at your local Walmart or Target, sells prepackaged variations of this snack. If you want to save money, consider prepping this snack on your own in the beginning of the week, so when you are in a hurry you can snag this snack out of the fridge and go.

  1. Cottage Cheese and fruit

If getting sick is a predicament you seem to always find yourself in, then maybe this snack is for you! Cottage cheese is FULL of probiotics. For those of you who do not know what probiotics are, they are live bacteria and yeast that help keep your gut healthy. If cottage cheese alone isn’t your favorite, try spicing it up by adding peaches or berries.

  1. Carrots and peanut butter

Most people have heard of celery and peanut butter but why not switch it up? Not only are carrots easier to prepare but not having to worry about celery getting stuck in your teeth is also a bonus.  

  1. Popcorn, dark chocolate and almonds

Looking for a snack that will cover that chocolate craving of yours? Well we’ve got you covered! Nothing beats a little melted chocolate drizzled over your favorite foods. When preparing your popcorn, make sure to avoid microwave bagged popcorn. Studies show that bagged microwave popcorn has negative effects on your body, so when prepping this snack try making your popcorn on the stove or consider buying smart pop popcorn instead. (TIP: if your popcorn is hot off the stove then you can just toss a couple chocolate chips on top and it will melt with no extra work! Yumm!)  

  1. Hazelnut spread and pretzels

This is my personal favorite snack. If you are looking for the easiest version of this snack, Nutella sells “Nutella & Go” which is just pre packaged pretzels with ample amount of nutella spread on the side. But, if you’re a on a college student budget, you might consider prepping this one on your own. Thus, allowing you to choose your own portion size as well.

All of these snack combinations are just suggestions, so feel free to experiment and tweak them to just your liking so that next time you’re running late you don’t have to settle for a boring old granola bar!