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Intramural Sports
3 v 3 Soccer Soccer ball in grass

Did you play soccer in high school? Middle school? That one time back in first grade when Mr. Masiano forced you to play but you ate grass while your crush watched the entire thing? Yeah me either… Anyways, if you answered yes to any of these questions, you are more than qualified to play Intramural 3v3 soccer. And I know soccer may sound like a lot of running, but I am here to tell you all the reasons you should play!

3v3 soccer is not like the FIFA world cup. There are only half the number fans that come to watch. This fast-paced, high scoring game will create a fun and exciting environment for those looking to have fun with their friends. Every team is guaranteed two games while playing tournament style with no goalies. Any team with soccer club members must play in the competitive division, so don’t be worried about getting completely embarrassed if your skills aren’t up to par. If you have that dusty old pair of cleats from high school, bring them out! If not, lace up your tennis shoes, grab your water bottle, and promote your own little fan section (that part is optional but highly recommended). The tournament will be held on Sunday Oct 28th, Saturday Nov 3rd, and Sunday Nov 4th at the Lied soccer fields.

After all that, I think the biggest reason you should play Intramural 3v3 soccer is to have fun. Even after I grass-stained my face in front of my first grade love, I had fun playing soccer. I actually continued to play pickup games all through school and now into college. So come out and join me in playing! Registration closes on October 17, so sign up today!