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Intramural Sports
100 Years of Intramurals: Sharon Lau

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Sharon Lau is ACTIVE. She’s a current graduate student at Iowa State University, teaches Engineering 160, and is an avid Intramural participant. Lau grew up playing sports so it was only natural she carried that into her college years. She began playing Intramurals in the summer of 2017. During undergrad and graduate school, Intramurals gave her a chance to step away from the stress of school and work.

Lau won four titles in mini golf (Summer 2019, Fall 2019, Summer 2020 and Fall 2020), four titles in badminton (singles – Fall 2019 and Fall 2020, women’s doubles – Fall 2019, and coed doubles – Fall 2019), one title in broomball (Fall 2019) and two titles in table tennis (women’s doubles – Spring 2020 and coed doubles – Spring 2020).

Lau has her eyes on another Intramural championship t-shirt this spring. She credits her professor and mentor – Mike Helwig – for part of her success. Helwig is an Associate Teaching Professor for Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering and covers Lau’s broomball team fee every year (as long as Lau gives Helwig one of her championship t-shirts).

Making friends. Lau believes Intramurals provides a sense of belonging and affords the opportunity to make new friends. Her favorite Intramural? Broomball. She enjoys playing the sport with a big group of people. The more people on a team, the better.

Intramurals has helped Lau with time management, staying active, and balancing multiple activities. With eleven Intramural Championship t-shirts to her name, Lau likes to wear them or share the wealth by giving them to friends, family, and even colleagues. When asked which design is her favorite, she responded, “The latest Intramural Championship T-shirt is my favorite so far!”

She says it’s not all about the shirt. “It is more about the time spent making memories. Even if I lost in an Intramural, I still had fun participating.” With the wide variety of Intramural sports offered at Iowa State, she thinks everyone should give one a shot and enjoy the fun experience. Lau will complete her degree in the Spring of 2022 and plans to become a professor at a university. Rec Services thanks her for her avid participation and wishes this Intramural legacy the best in her future endeavors.