Pass and Locker Rental Fees

Sales and rentals can be processed at either the State Gym service desk or the Lied service desk anytime the buildings are open. All contracts and forms are available at the service desks.  All fees are subject to change.

Daily Guest Pass - $6/Day (Eligibility Criteria) (Eligible User or Sponsored Guest)

Rec Pass Fees for Eligible NON-STUDENT (Eligibility Criteria)

REC PASS Options Effective Dates Price
Annual August 16 - August 15 $403
Fall August 16 - December 31 $ 161
Spring January 1- May 15 $ 161
Summer May 16- Aug 15 $   81
Month 30 consecutive days $ 36
Week 7 consecutive days $ 26
Purchase of any Rec Pass listed above includes a Fitness Pass for the equivalent time frame at no additional cost.
NOTE:  Month and Week Pass holders are NOT eligible to rent lockers,  to play Intramural Sports, and they must pay the Non-Pass holder (higher) rate for Outdoor Recreation equipment rental, trips and workshops.


NES Pass Fees for Eligible NON-ENROLLED STUDENT (Eligibility Criteria)

Student (not enrolled for current semester) Effective Dates Price
NES SPRING 2015 Pass January 2, 2015-May 10, 2015 $ 161

Non-enrolled students may either purchase this pass or $6 daily passes.  They are NOT eligible for month passes. Enrolled students are automatically assessed the full mandatory activity fee.  The cost of the NES pass is the Recreation Services portion of the student activity fee.

Locker Rental Fees

Rental lockers with towel service are available for eligible users with a current, valid semester or annual pass. 
NOTE: Month and Week Pass Holders MAY NOT rent a locker.
Locker Rental




  $35 $35 $25 $77

 Day-use lockers are also available.

Activity, Services, Building and Recreation: The activity, services & building fee is a mandatory fee that supports a variety of activities and services for all students. It is not based on whether or not a student uses an individual activity or service. This fee provides several benefits such as student admission rates to concerts and athletic events and, unlimited use of CyRide, the Ames bus system.  The fee also provides support for campus recreation facilities, the Memorial Union, and campus organizations and services as allocated by the Government of the Student Body.