Locker Rental

Lockers located in the locker rooms of Beyer Hall, Lied Recreation Center, and State Gym may be rented annually or by semester. Day-use lockers are also available on a first come first served basis.

Locker Rental Fees
Fall Semester ending Dec. 31st $35
Spring Semester ending May 15th $35
Summer ending Aug. 15th $25
Annual $77
  • Patrons must have a semester or annual membership to Recreation Services facilities before they can purchase a locker (monthly/weekly/daily members are not eligible for locker rental).
  • Patrons receive complimentary towel service with the rental of a locker.  An additional fee applies if a patron would like a Rec. Roll.
  • Personal locks will be cut off and the contents removed daily on rented or day use lockers.  The contents may be retrieved from Recreation Services service desks.
  • Locker renewal may be done by mail or walk-in.  Mail in renewals should be sent to Recreation Services administrative offices, 1180 State Gym.  Walk-in renewals (in person transactions) may be done at State Gym or at the Lied Recreation Center service desk.  These occur after the mail-in renewal dates.
  • Locker clean-out dates for expired lockers vary by semester and will be announced in advance.
  • Recreation Services is not responsible for lost or stolen property.