Recreation Services is seeking an Assistant Manager of Custodial Services, a full time position. Applicants should apply by April 30, 2017.
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Part-time employment with Recreation Services offer students flexible hours, valuable work experience, and competitive hourly wages. Over five hundred students are employed as sports officials, lifeguards, receptionists, outdoor recreation supervisors, and building supervisors. Undergraduate and graduate students desiring to work in this healthy and enjoyable environment should apply at the Recreation Services Office, 1180 State Gym, or at the Lied Recreation Athletic Center. Recreation Services, under the umbrella of Iowa State University, is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants are encouraged to apply by April 1st for Summer/Fall employment, by August 1st for Fall Semester employment, and by November 1st for Spring Semester employment.


Looking for a job in a fun, fast-paced and rewarding environment? Look no further than Recreation Services, Facility Operations, at Iowa State University!

We offer employment in eight positions at four facilities and two pools.  Applications are always welcome, but we do the bulk of our hiring at the end of each semester.  We are always looking for highly motivated, energetic Iowa State students wanting a part-time job. However, we do not contact every person who turns in an application.  Students will be notified via email if they have been selected for an interview.

Aquatic Positions:

  • Lifeguards – Beyer Pool and State Pool

Building Supervisor Positions:

  • Cleaning Crew – State Gym and Beyer Hall
  • Equipment Checkout Supervisor – State Gym
  • Fitness Center Supervisor – Lied Recreation Athletic Center and State Gym
  • Forker Supervisor – Forker Building
  • Beyer Supervisor – Beyer Hall
  • Service Desk Supervisors –  Lied Recreation Athletic Center and State Gym

Turf Management Positions:

  • Turf Management Supervisor – Outdoor Facilities

Please click the appropriate link below for the position application you would like to apply for:

Employment Application for Facility Operations – Aquatics

For information on employment with Aquatics contact Andy Laughlin, 515-294-0654,

Employment Application for Facility Operations – Building Supervisors

For information on employment with Facilities contact Whitnie Nichols, 515-294-4235,

Employment Application for Facility Operations – Turf Management

For information on employment with Turf Management contact Brent Cunningham, 515-294-4247,

Intramural Sports

The Intramural Program hires several hundred students each year as hourly employees. The typical student works 2-3 shifts per week and averages about 6-12 hours per week. Work schedules are flexible and are made to accommodate student schedules.

  • Sport Officials: All intramural team sports utilize sport officials. Officiating is as fun and rewarding as it is challenging. Becoming a sport official only requires an interest in the sport and a desire to learn to officiate. Announcements are made before each major sport season concerning sign-up meetings. Stop by the Recreation Services Office in 1180 State Gym for information.
  • Sport Supervisors: All intramural sports utilize sport supervisors to ensure that daily programs run smoothly. The very best and most dependable sport officials are selected as sport supervisors.
  • Program Assistants: Several students are selected from our hourly students to assist with the programming aspects of the intramural program. These students work with scheduling, payroll, and the equipment needs of our programs.

For information on employment with Intramural Sports contact Nathan Pick, 515-294-4186,

Fitness Programs

The ISU Recreation Services Fitness program hires students who have attended a 10 week ACE certification Preparation Class in Group Fitness or Personal Training or have a current national certification in either of these areas. The ACE certification prep 10 week classes are offered through ISU Recreation Services every fall and spring to build a student’s necessary skills to provide quality fitness and wellness services and programs.

After completing this program, students are hired from an interview process to join the Fitness staff at Recreation Services. Recreation Services has established the reputation of offering a highly respected group fitness and personal trainer program, recognized by the University and Ames community for its quality and integrity. Students who worked as fitness and wellness staff have reported high success in acquiring a great internships and job opportunities as a direct result of their employment with ISU Recreation Services.

Take the first step of building your foundation for successful fitness career sign up for the 12 week class here.

For information on employment with our Fitness program, contact Nora Hudson, 515-294-6905,

Outdoor Recreation Program

The Outdoor Recreation Program hires motivated individuals to assist with a number of program components, including equipment rental, the rock climbing wall, local/extended trips and workshops.

Additional employment information is available at the Outdoor Recreation Program in the lower level of State Gym, or call 294-8200.

Please use the links below for the position applications for Outdoor Recreation.

Outdoor Recreation Employee Application
Outdoor Recreation Employee References

For information on employment with Outdoor Recreation contact Jerry Rupert, 515-294-4774,


Before starting your first day with Recreation Services, you must set up in the ISU Human Resources Payroll. Please see here for Payroll Procedures.